MOR Surgeon Develops New Bunion Technique

MOR foot and ankle specialist, Dr. George Holmes was recently featured on WGN News explaining a new bunion correcting procedure, the Mini Tightrope procedure. Traditionally bunions are corrected by breaking and then realigning the bone that causes the bunion, however Dr. Holmes offers the Mini Tightrope procedure which corrects the condition without breaking any bones, therefore allowing a much faster recovery.

The procedure works by threading a small wire between the first and second metatarsal of the foot. The wire is anchored to one side and then tightened bringing the first metatarsal closer to the second to realign the bone and correct the bunion. There are no broken bones to heal after the procedure, which allows the patient to get back on their feet sooner.

Please see Rush University Medical Center news release: "New Procedure Straightens Bunions without Cutting Bone".